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This Bottle of HeartBeets Nutrition llc is relabeled as EP-NO for Stronger Blood.

HeartBeets Bottle is Batch # 1501047 

Certified Third Party by Banned Substance Control Group 

Expiration date is established by Heartbeets Nutrition llc original date of expiration was 01/2016. After 1 year of product being manufactured the expiration date has been re-determined to be safe for consumption through December 1, 2017.


Why the name change? The failed business of Dedicated Athlete inc. which made EP-NO product was the reason to create a name change to Heartbeets; however this was a mistake and we apologize, because this formula is EP-NO, always has been and always will be EP-NO.


We believe as a company in being transparent and honest in our practices, so we are upfront with anything that may concern you.


Understanding that supplements can be considered risky we assure you that we use the absolute highest standards when having a product manufactured. Professional athletes have used this product since 2004.


Riding our bikes is the whole reason this company started, and we hope we have served you with a truly great product as part of your season.


If you could, help us spread the word of anti-doping more than anything. It’s the only reason this product exists. We wanted to help deter athletes from injecting Vitamin B12 and Iron for their health. Needles aren’t any good in sport.


We wish you a great season of success, to your health and fun living


Johnny Gamble, Developer and Founder

HeartBeets Nutrition llc

Below is feedback from various people who used the HeartBeets and EP-NO Product.

Doctor Recommended!

I am a chiropractor as well as an athlete living at 6,512' in Durango, Colorado. I have tried other blood building products in the past, but after 6 weeks of HeartBeets, I am amazed at the difference in my energy. These reformulated pills are so much easier to swallow.....I actually look forward to taking them! With my crazy schedule, it is difficult to exercise at the same time every day. Also, I had typical symptoms of anemia: fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headaches, low body temperature, pale skin, shortness of breath, irritability, long recovery time...... all of those symptoms have lessened since consistently taking HeartBeets in addition to staying well hydrated and properly nourished. I found that breaking up the daily dose into 3 parts works best for me. I highly recommend this product!

Dr Michele Zebrowitz

30 Day Supply

Amazing Product - I am sold on HeartBeets!

I have been taking HeartBeets for approximately 3 weeks and I have noticed a significant and positive impact. Power is up, endurance is up, energy level is up... all while average heart rate for the same exertion is lower and I am noticing a decrease in lactate build up. I am a competitive cyclist and triathlete who will be taking this supplement for a long time to come. Highly recommend!

Here Are some past reviews and Testimonials from past users of EP-NO.

“As a woman and endurance athlete, adequate nutrient &  iron absorption is essential. EP-NO has incredible
bioavailability and keeps my iron stores at a healthy level. I feel I am ten years younger. The energy level is great, but the recovery is simply amazing. I can have a huge output and wake up the next morning ready to dish out more.” 

Shonny Vanlandingham, 2010 X-Terra World Champion, 5x National NORBA champion with the most wins in XC MTB history.

"Wow, I am so impressed with EP-NO. At this time last year my hemoglobin was 15.2 and my 
hematocrit was 45.2% while using other products. Now, with using EP-NO, my hemoglobin is 17.2 and 
my hematocrit is 49.2%! EP-No clearly works great to keep my blood in perfect health. I will never use 
anything else."

Jake Burby, weekend warrior

"Started using the stuff 3 years ago. In 4 months my hemotacrit went from a pretty consistent 42 to now a 47. Hemoglobin went from 13.1 to 15ish year round. Get it and use it and you'll see what I mean."

Paul H
Wrightwood Ca