Does your diet affect your RBC & hemoglobin levels and help keep them at an optimal healthy range throughout the year?

The results are in your own blood work. We recommend having your blood work reviewed by a professional healthcare provider.

Your hemoglobin level will impact health and performance.

If you can optimize hemoglobin levels, then you can improve your strength and power.

Endurance athletes have a greater need of oxygen delivery to muscle tissues, this is what the Hemoglobin does.

What really sets EP-NO apart from any other Blood building supplement on the market is this:

EP-NO is the only blood building nutritional supplement that has a focus on the enzyme, ALA Synthase (Aminolevulinic acid synthase).
This is called The Blood Enzyme Complex.
This complex is comprised of some very specific amino acids and irons.

Ala synthase enzyme is comprised of two specific amino acids, glycine and succinic acid. These two acids come together inside the mitochondria and form Aminolevulinic acid synthase.

This is important because this enzyme is the first precursor to bio synthesis of irons in the body to be converted to hemoglobin.

EP-NO provides the building blocks that can optimize your hemoglobin.

The science is simple, natural and cutting edge. 65% of EP-NO formula is natural, made of Liver Powder and Beet Extract. Why?

Feeding the body consistently with nutrient dense specific foods can increase the probability that a specific effect will occur.

Liver and Beets have shown Blood forming properties for a century now, it's been used since the late 1800's to help treat pernicious anemia.

Liver has been long regarded as a blood building food. 
Beets have really taken the spotlight in recent years to show promise with de-stiffening of the arterial walls, which can help aid the delivery of nutrients needed for better metabolism. Beets also assist in helping to keep blood acidity levels at bay.

The foundation of EP-NO is important because they are real food sources. Liver and Beets have nutrients that cannot be mimicked by science. 
The rest of the formula consists of the Highest and most bio available grades of vitaminsminerals and amino acids.

A good example is Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin,  has a higher bio availability than cyanocobalamin (used in most supplements), and shows consistency with healthy blood levels. 
The dose size of the ingredients are critical as well, because they need to be effective, but SAFE and good for the body.

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